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A Title Register gives you:

  • Current ownership details with the full name
  • Title number
  • Plan numbers and type
  • Charges on your property, such as those by a bank or mortgage lender
  • Covenants, such as restrictions on use and rights of access,
  • Purchase price and date (if bought after April 2000)

Each Title Plan gives you:

  • General boundaries of the property
  • The areas affected by rights of way, rights of access and watercourses
  • Areas of land affected by easements and covenants

What countries do we service in the United Kingdom?

  • England
  • Wales





Property Registry has complete online access to the England and Wales land registry.
While our service is not free, anyone who pays the prescribed fee can search title deeds or ownership of any property.

Useful for

  • Checking current property ownership
  • Home buyer and investor research
  • Buying and selling any piece of real estate
  • To see if there's a mortgage registered on title
  • Planning applications
  • Land boundary disputes

Whether your search is one-off or you conduct frequent and or bulk searches. Start using us today and see why Property Registry is growing fast into United Kindom's leading provider of land registry property information.

Clarify a properties ownership completely online by gaining access to our online database. Get your Land Registry Title Deeds at Property Registry today!

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The title deeds show the current owner, boundaries and tenure (freehold or leasehold).

The Land Registry holds a digital record of all registered title deeds, and this forms the legal title to the property. The title deeds provide information about the land and is most commonly used for conveyancing or other research purposes.

It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you are the rightful owner of your property. Search Now »


The title register is one of the two main documents of title (often called Title Deeds). It shows the current owner, boundaries and tenure (freehold or leasehold). Search Now »


A title plan is the official record of the legal boundaries and shows the extent/area of land owned. It is the second main title document for property and is usually drawn to a scale of 1:1250. Search Now »